Friday, December 4, 2009

LUPE Taqueria takes over Cuerno in Midtown

LUPE Taquera, Riccardo Ullio's most recent creation, opened its doors on October 20th in the former Cuerno space at 905 Juniper Street. Known for Fritti, Sotto Sotto, and Beleza, Riccardo has opened multiple establishments under the “u restaurants” umbrella. LUPE Taqueria is named for Our Lady of Guadalupe, a religious icon that's practically synonymous with Mexican culture. While Cuerno focused on Spanish-themed tapas and small plates, LUPE is Mexican fare.

LUPE'S queso dip is already making a statement...and their various guacamole dishes are perfect for an appetizer or topping on their taco plates, mixto (ribeye), enchiladas, lengua (beef tongue), quesadillas, or chile relleno. The arugula con mango is a beautiful mixture of jicama, mango, pistachios, lemon, extra-virgin olive oil and honey. For those late-nighters, LUPE serves an array of inventive desserts and offers an extensive tequila selection that is sure to attract its own crowd.

Although the price point ($10-$15 ticket price) isn't reflective of healthy establishments in this economy, the reviews posted to date prove that LUPE is on the road to success.

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  1. Jimmy, I love your blog. Just moved to Midtown, and we checked out this spot on Saturday night. It is really great...small but delicious menu. Some of the best guac I've ever had and a great selection of tequila. Going back tomorrow night with some friends!

  2. Thanks Genna! Lots of the postings will be about real estate stuff, but I try to stay cool (even though I have a 2-year old and a 2 month-old) and talk about new concepts in Atanta. Hope you are loving Midtown - it's a fun place to live!