Friday, December 4, 2009

LOLA to soon become "Cantina"

LOLA, Tom Catherall's concept located at Terminus on the corner of Peachtree & Piedmont, will soon be re-concepted. Since opening in 2007, LOLA was recently re-labeled to offer Mediterranean cuisine rather than simply Italian. Unfortunately it still was not enough to save the concept.

Set to open early in the first quarter of 2010, "Cantina" will be a Mexican style restaurant with some elements borrowed from its sister eatery Noche. Similar to what Riccardio Ullio did with the re-concepting of his midtown eatery Cuerno to LUPE Taqueria, the prices at Cantina will be lower and the atmosphere a little more ethnic that LOLA's. Many restaurants have had to go through this exercise with the state of the current economy...fine dining establishments are hurting while the fast-casual and quick-serve concepts seem to be thriving.

Other Here To Serve Restaurants concepts include: Twist, Shout, Strip, Home, aja, Prime, Goldfish, Noche, and Noche Tequila and Tapas Bar.

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