Sunday, October 11, 2009

Publik Social House opening next to The Fox Theatre

Publik Social House sits right at the corner of Peachtree and North Ave. As the restaurant is directly next to the Fox Theatre, across from Gary Mennie’s Livingston, and near quite a number of other eateries, it might seem a less than ideal. Normally, I’m really apprehensive when ownership takes one concept, uproots it, and then comes back with something totally different. On the surface, it would appear that the owners of Publik, who previously operated Bazzaar out of the same space, did just that. However, such isn’t exactly the reality. Open just a handful of weeks, it was high time I had some food there and check out this renovated lounge. Though parking can be somewhat problematic, the location should flourish as a restaurant. With all the foot traffic for shows, eating is much more of a priority than partying on that block.

Originally Posted October 7, 2009

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