Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One Cafe Blanc Opening in Foreclosed Renaissance Walk

One Cafe Blanc will be opening soon at Renaissance Walk on the corner of Piedmont Avenue and Auburn Avenue.

Serving everything from custom-made salads and burgers to freshly prepared meals to-go (such as Whole Foods and Alons), One Cafe Blanc is striving to offer not only fullfilling meals, but a healthy solution to those customers on-the-go. There will be a coffee and pastry element to the concept, similar to Starbucks, in the hopes of capturing some of the walking traffic from the GA State students. Additionally, they will offer a variety of vegetarian selections as well as special foods for customers on low sugar and low salt diets.

Although Renaissance Walk is currently in foreclosure with only a few condos occupied, One Café Blanc feels confident they will succeed due to the college student traffic from Georgia State University and the 3 dormitories within walking distance.

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